tan_couple Sun Waves Tanning was established in 1998. What started as a single salon are now 7 locations in and around Glasgow.

We are an expanding business with our professional salons and highly trained staff maintaining our high standards.

Our salons stock top-of-the-line brand products to help you achieve a deeper, faster and longer lasting tan. Our professional, knowledgeable staff will guide in selecting the best methods to suit your personal tanning & slimming needs.

Get Glowing

Get glowing today; whether you want to achieve a natural tan, sunless tanning, weight loss or all three; Sun Waves Tanning Salon has everything you need.

We not only want you to benefit from our tanning systems but to look and feel better too.

Our salons stock Chocolate Banana slimming tablets and state-of-the-art Flabelos machines; both for maximum inch loss and toning.

Excellent Offers Very clean facilities Convenient Hours
Knowledgeable Staff Best Equipment & Products

“Choosing Sun Waves Tanning is the first and most important step to maximising your Tan & Slimming needs!”

Our tanning equipment includes a wide range of beds in all our salons suitable for all levels of tanning; including Ergoline and Mega Sun. Also offering sunless tanning with Australian Gold by appointment.

When it comes to tanning we pride ourselves on providing the most professional environment. Our highly trained Sun Waves Tanning staff will guide you through your tanning process including educating you on top name quality products to enhance your tanning experience.

Indoor Tanning

Tanning is a natural process where the body is designed to produce melanin; darkening the skin. A healthy looking tan is a gradual increase in yor skins natural pigmentation and is your body’s way of building up protection against sunburn.

Using our indoor tanning systems

Ultraviolet Light is produced consisting of two main cmponents; UVA and UVB. Our indoor tanning systems formulate a mixture of the two light waves so you can build a healthy looking tan whilst minimising burning.

People who tan are more confident and feel better about themselves
The body’s main source (80-100%) of Vitamin D is UV light from the sun.
The brain produced more of the mood-lifting chemical serotonin on sunny days

The Sun Waves Tanning Difference

The professional, comfortable and sanitary way to achieve your pefect shade. Tan The Easy Way with SunWaves TanningWe won’t just change the way you look we will change the way you feel about tanning.