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Until now Cellulos has only been available in the US. Now this revolutionary fat reduction system as featured on Fox News is available exclusively at Sun Waves.


Cellulos is a non invasive treatment used to break down fat to reduce cellulite using an electrical treatment that feels just like a deep tissue massage.

Offering a safe alternative to surgical treatments Cellulos eliminates areas of localised fat deposits that you just can’t get rid of with diet or exercise!

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How does it work?

Using Ultrasonic Cavitation; ultrasound waves create micro bubbles within a fat cell which then collapse, causing the cell membrane to collapse, allowing fat to be distributed between cells. Your natural lymphatic system will drain the fat released from these cells like it would get rid of fluids you consume orally. Melt fat and let it leave your body the natural way.

Eliminate fat from your abdomen, upper arms, buttocks, love handles and thighs with this pain free low cost treatment.

See the difference after only ONE treatment!

Not only does Cellulos eliminate fat; it reduces cellulite, one step further than liposuction but without the pain, huge cost and recovery time. Lose fat the safe way! Get trim in time to show off a wonderful new figure for 2012.


Cellulos helps you lose fat without the need for surgery


Remove those stubborn areas of fat with Cellulos the SAFE, non invasive, non surgical equivalent to lipo…pain free!

“Liposuction removes fat from the body. There are many ways to do this. The idea is to do this safely. I have safely used ultrasonic liposuction techniques to remove unwanted fat for over 10 years. Ultra means high energy. Sonic means sound. Therefore using high energy sound waves fat can be removed from the body.” – Johnathan Berman MD: Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

Is there anything I need to know?

Once removed the fatty cells will not re grow, effects are permanent as long as there is no weight gain in the future; keeping a healthy lifestyle will ensure your new body is maintained.

Designed to re-style and re-shape your body – fat is released into the blood stream and processed by the liver. Only taking 45 minute to see results in one session.

Cellulos may not be suitable for everyone. Each client will be assessed for suitability during our detailed client consultation.

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