Q. Why should I use a tanning salon? What are the positive effects of tanning?

A. UV Light is known to have many medical benefits, however these can only be claimed by medical professionals. What we can say from our experience in the tanning industry is that the cosmetic benefits of tanned skin makes our clients feel good.  With tanned skin you will look better and healthier.

It is generally accepted that when you look good, you feel good.  Feeling good then has a subsequent effect on you having a far more positive outlook on life in general.

Sunbeds offer a controlled way to tan and can provide appropriate levels of UV to ensure sufficient levels of Vitamin D are achieved and maintained. 

Q. Why should I choose Sun Waves Tanning?

A. With our excellent facilities and unparalleled staff, you will receive intelligent, well-informed guidance through every step of your tanning experience.

Our service staff are trained to give extreme attention to detail giving us the cleanest, most sanitary tanning salons in your area.  Our technical staff services our machines regularly, ensuring they are in perfect working order around the clock.

We are here to make your visit to Sun Waves Tanning as informative, relaxing, beneficial and enjoyable as it can be!

Q. How often should I tan?

A. That largely depends on how dark you want to be and also on your skin type.  A staff member will be able to guide you and recommend a programme that’s geared towards your goal.

As a general rule you should wait 24 hours between sessions and have regular sessions to build your base tan.  Thereafter your schedule can be once or twice a week.

Q. How long does it take to develop a tan?

A. This will depend on the types of lotion you use and your own skin type.  Generally, a base tan is achieved within 3 to 5 sessions which is then maintained with regular sessions utilising our skin moisturisers and accelerators.