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At SunWaves we make the safety and experience of our customers a top priority.  It is our genuine aim to ensure that every one of our customers look good, feel great and have an exemplary experience with us in a safe and responsible manner.

Every one of our tanning assistants have been trained to the highest standards to ensure each and every one of our customers receive the correct tanning advice and promote safe and responsible tanning  whilst maximising your results.

Tanning Tips

Frequency: A minimum of 24 hours between tanning sessions is required and most tanning professional actually recommend waiting 48 hours.  This time period is required for your skin to recover from UV exposure and to create new melanin which is what gives you your colour. A better tan is achieved and there is less risk of burning when you wait the minimum period of 24 hours between tans
Tanning Accelerators:  If you want faster tanning results and quickly get darker than you ever imagined then we recommend the use of our top of the range tanning accelerators. Using the best accelerators allows you to absorb 60% more of the UV rays & maintain your tan up to 70% longer.
Moisturizing:  This is one of the secrets to a long lasting tan. Your tan will flake when your skin does. Moist skin will always tan better & more evenly.
Outside Oils & Lotions:  These are for outdoor use only. You do not need them indoors and they may also damage our equipment which will affect the quality of your final tan.
Eye Protection:  Your eyes are important to you so eye protection is an absolute must! Without the use of eye protection you may eventually suffer from cataracts, colour blindness & loss of night vision.  We provide you with the correct protection, please wear them during every session.
Lips:  As your lips do not cannot produce melanin and thus are not capable of tanning and are at risk of burning.  #we recommend you protect your lips with a balm of at least SPF 15.
Tattoos:  UV light may cause tattoo colours to fade.  It is recommended to cover them with sunblock.  Lip balms work great for this and are easy to carry.
Acrylic Nails:  These may yellow when exposed to UV light so we recommend nail covers to protect them.